Ben Inman of The Choirboys

PHOTO: Ben Inman rehearsing

Fairest Isle

Fairest Isle is The Choirboys’ secret eighteenth track, recorded alongside the Choirboys' album in summer 2005, but only released without announcement, and only by download, in spring 2006.

Fairest Isle (Live)

A live performance of Fairest Isle, at the Southwell Minster Choir Open Day.

Extolling the virtues of Britain, Fairest Isle, is an aria from the opera King Arthur by the English composer Henry Purcell, and is beautifully performed here by Ben Inman.

This stunning track, released with absolutely no publicity – not even Ben was aware of its release – has to be Universal Music’s best kept secret, and deserves to be brought to the attention of a wider audience.

Ben's soaring, flawless voice and exquisite ornamentation have now received well-deserved recognition with a Trebby Award in the Solo Treble Track category for 2006 (i.e. for tracks released that year).

Congratulations to Ben and a big Thank You to all those whose votes made this happen.

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